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FIFA 17 TOTW 25 Update news for FUT Ultimate Team on Web App, PS4, Xbox One and

FIFA 17  point will be unveiling a new TOTW in a couple of hours, the 25th team of the week for the 
game's Ultimate Team mode.
You should be able to access this from either the FIFA 17 coins  Web App or from your PS4, Xbox One 
and PC.
While we can't say for definite who will be in the 23 man TOTW squad, there are one or two 
players who have surely cemented their place this week following some fine performances from 
last week's fixtures.
For those of you who are still getting to grips with FIFA Ultimate team, the FUT Team of the 
Week (TOTW) is a weekly team of 23 in-form player cards.
These players will be boosted with a stat upgrade by EA based on how well they have performed 
over the last week in real-life football fixtures.
The FIFA Ultimate Team new cards are available in Gold, Silver or Bronze packs but will only 
be available for one week from 5.45PM (UK time) every Wednesday.
Anyone wanting a reminder to pop in their diary, this week's FIFA 17 TOTW cards will be 
available in FIFA packs from 6PM, March 8th until 5.45PM UK time, March 15th.
Before EA unveil this week's FIFA 17 TOTW, here's a prediction of the squad we could see, as 
suggested by the FIFA Ultimate Team experts at
Boruc - penalty save + 5 saves in 1-1 draw
Moreno - 2 goals + 7 in 4-0 win
Martinez - 1 goal + 1,0/MOTM/TOTW in 3-0 win
Layun - 1 goal in 7-0 win
Perisic - 2 goals + 8 in 5-1 win
Johnson - 2 goals + 1,0/MOTM/TOTW/POTW in 4-2 win
Arnautovic - 2 goals + MOTM in 2-0 win
Dembele - 1 goal 1 assist + 1,5/MOTM/TOTW in 6-2 win
Griezmann - 2 goals + 3* in 3-0 win
Benzema - 2 goals 1 assist + 3* in 4-1 win
Messi - 2 goals 2 assists + 3* in 5-0 win
Below you'll find the predictions for the Subs and Reserves for TOTW 23 as well as some 
insight into why they've been picked.
Redmond - 2 goals in 4-3 win
Fernandes - 1 goal 2 assists + 7,5 in 3-1 win
Jese - 2 goals + 3* in 5-2 win
Thauvin - 1 goal 2 assists + 8/TOTW in 4-1 win
Belotti - 3 goals + 9/MOTM/POTW in 3-1 win
Berg - 3 goals (2 penalties) in 5-0 win
Llorente - 2 goals in 3-2 win
Kalachev - 3 assists in 6-0 win
Koroma - 3 goals 1 assist in 4-0 win
Mbappe - 2 goals + 8/MOTM/TOTW in 5-0 win
Adi - 2 goals in 5-1 win
Di Carmine - 3 goals in 5-0 win

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